Nepal is an amazingly diverse country with the world's highest mountains along its northern border with China, and jungles famous for their rhinos and tigers along its southern border with India. The dense jungles and mountainous terrain of Nepal have resulted in the existence of numerous pockets of isolation and the development of many distinct people groups. Though a majority Hindu country, Nepal is also home to millions of Buddhists and Muslims, as well as a growing Christian community.

Our access teams in Nepal are working among both the Hindu and Buddhist communities, and living the gospel through contextually-relevant communication of Jesus' love.  Our teams are providing many who have never heard the story of Christ with access to a life-changing relationship with their creator.  These teams are open to those who are passionate about communicating Jesus to those who have never been touched by His love. Team members from all types of educational and occupational backgrounds are needed to express to the people of Nepal what God desires to do in their lives.